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Our team works with medium and large companies as well as startups around the world, we can advise on all aspects of your project and create a flexible and scalable infrastructure for it. The OSSystems team strong expertise in cloud technology can implement cloud services, whether you plan to launch a new product or extend the capabilities of an existing one
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AWS Technologies
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AWS Lambda

AWS CloudFront



AWS Auto-scaling


AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS DynamoDB

AWS Cognito

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Benefits of using
AWS services

  • 1
    Many choices of components
    and services
  • 2
    Fast and secure hosting
  • 3
    A comprehensive approach to security and infrastructure strengthening
  • 4
    Cost savings by paying only
    for computing power and
    resources used
  • 5
    Greater server capacity and power

Our AWS сloud


Get consulted by a team of cloud development professionals to transform your business. We provide our customers with strategic consulting, planning, delivery and support in the field of cloud solutions. Our experts can analyse your application and define the needed capabilities for the successful cloud integration or migration.


We build cloud solutions for our clients based on the latest technologies and methodologies. Our team can help you develop a new solution, establish modern practices for a successful continuous integration setup, and establish the full continuous deployment pipeline for your project.


Our team can help you with existing high-quality solutions to migrate your already existing applications. We use the latest practices to minimize the impact on system while transferring it to the cloud.
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What you get by
choosing us

  • A team of 40+ professionals with 15 years of experience in app development
  • Transparency of work, keeping client fully informed of development progress
  • Truly in-demand application that your clients will use on a regular basis
  • Help with publishing the app in stores and training staff on how to use the app effectively
  • Lifetime support for any questions regarding your application
  • Technical expertise using the latest technologies and methodologies

Our projects
with AWS

  • Silverstein Properties is a vertically integrated company with a $10+ billion real estate portfolio focused on complex development, neighborhood improvement, and asset management projects in the real estate industry. OSSystems specialists carried out infrastructure migration and provided DevOps services
    We managed to implement:
    • migration (up and down)
    • GitHub actions
    • blue/green deployment
    • AWS SSM Agent for secrets
    • AWS RDS replication
    Technology: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS RDS, AWS S3, AWS API Gateway, AWS Route53
  • A mobile app for children and parents to organize active games created from scratch. Four authorization options are implemented: Google, Apple ID, SMS, and email. The design is based on the client's wireframes. Tutorials include game images hand-drawn by children, for soulfulness
    We managed to implement:
    • migrations (up and down)
    • GitHub actions
    • lambda aliases for blue/green deployment
    • AWS SSM Agent for secrets
    Technology: AWS RDS, AWS Lambda, AWS EventBridge, AWS API Gateway, AWS, CloudWatch, AWS SNS, Flutter, Angular, NestJS, OpenStreetMap
  • IOT

    MVP development for Industrial IoT including the creation of UI/UX, dashboard, reporting, and notification system. The application collects data from temperature, vibration, and noise sensors in factories and plants and displays the information on dashboards for operators
    We managed to implement:
    • - Development of an MVP version of the application with data flow
    • - Cost optimization to improve the existing AWS architecture
    • - Automation of release process, customization of individual development environments, completely modular and automated test coverage, commitment to quality
    Technology: ReactJS, Redux, Node.js, AWS (IAM, Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, AWS IoT, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, Firehose, Kinesis, Greengrass, S3, EC2, SNS, SES), Kibana, Skedler, PhantomJS, Canvas.js, Serverless, Travis CI/CD, Zephyr, Allure, TestNG, Selenium, Java Core
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How much does an AWS solution cost?


You pay for the actual use as Amazon provides you with the service on demand. Using AWS you pay for the individual services you have requested. And only for the amount of time you actually use them.


How secure is the AWS solution?


AWS is as secure as possible because the company launched its cloud services early and has vast market experience. To do this, Amazon provides the necessary experience and resources. AWS supports security with applications such as Amazon Inspector or Amazon Web Application Firewall.


How accessible is the AWS solution?


Accessibility of service ensures that your workload customers can access your services via the internet, private network or VPN.


How easily does AWS integrate with other systems or services?


AWS Application Integration Services are a group of services that provide seamless connectivity between applications. AWS's suite of application integration services provides interoperability between isolated components in microservices, distributed systems and serverless applications. AWS application integration services allow you to connect applications without having to write special code to enable interoperability.


How easy is it to use an AWS solution?


The AWS platform allows application providers and vendors to quickly and securely host not only existing applications but also new ones using the SaaS model.


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